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Monday, 19 November 2012

Update Posts On Twitter With WordPress ‘Tweet’

This article tells you how you can use the WP ‘Tweet’ button plugin to automatically update Twitter, any time you publish a brand new blog post from a self-hosted WP site.

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So why use the WP Tweet Button plugin? The plugin delivers two major capabilities, plus a bundle of configurations for your use. For example, it will create a 'Tweet' button on your weblog that has a tweet counter, enabling you to automatically mention a new weblog post on Twitter in the time of publication. You can also specify the location where you want the ’Tweet’ button to appear and style the button as desired.
Step 1 - Produce your account.

One with the easiest techniques to make a shortened url for use on Twitter when employing the WP plugin, is always to sign-up towards the service. Initially create an account on, then once produced, get the 'Legacy API key', from the 'Advanced' tab below the 'Settings' menu through the website.
Step two - Download and activate the plugin.

Your subsequent need is install and activate the WordPress plugin. You can very easily do this by downloading the 'WP Tweet Button' plugin, then uncompressing the archive and uploading its files through FTP for the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Then you should log into the WordPress dashboard as an administrator and activate the plugin.

Step 3 - Configure the plugin.

Now you should configure the plugin from within the WordPress dashboard. From the 'Settings' menu choice you need to obtain the WP Tweet Button settings page.

There are plenty of settings you'll need to change, which will be provide uniqueness to your weblog.  Nonetheless, you should not forget to include your Twitter name, authorize your Twitter account, and supply your facts. Please note you must make certain you provide your username using lowercase characters.

You might need to have to 'save' the alterations several instances, for all customized settings to actually perform. i.e. You conserve the 'WP Tweet Button' settings, only to learn a handful of settings haven't been altered, so you change those settings and conserve again. As soon as configured and saved effectively, you then must clear any website cache you are applying, for the alterations to take have an effect on across the entire web page.

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